Monday, February 17th 7:30 pm (Room 410)

Chris Martin Masterclass

Wednesday, February 19th 8:00 pm (Berkman)

20/20 Prism concert

February 14 & 15  HARTT AUDITION DAYS and

“Collage Concerts” in Lincoln, 7:30PM

Thursday, February 20th 7:30 (Berkman)

Brandon Dicks MM Recital

Sunday, March 8th 6:00 pm (Berkman)

Steve Heitzer Masterclass “Rehabbing Chops after Overuse and Injury”

Sunday, March 8th 8:00 pm (Berkman)

Scott Mendoker Recital

Monday, March 9th 7:30 pm (Room 410)

Vince DiMartino Masterclass

Sunday, March 15th 7:30 pm

Seraph Brass

South Congregational First Baptist Church, 90 Main St, New Britain, CT

Monday, April 6th 7:30 pm (Room 410)

Doug Prosser Masterclass

Wednesday, April 8th 8:00 pm (Berkman)

Ryan Yacos Masters Trumpet recital

Thursday, April 23rd 8:00 pm Berkman

Matt Suckling Graduate Trumpet Recital

Friday, April 24th 5:00 pm Berkman

Peyton Johnson Graduate Trumpet Recital

Sunday, April 26th 2:30-??

Brass Party @ Prof. Snedecor’s house

Thursday May 7th Juries 9:00 am