January 20th 7:30 pm Bliss

IPO Auditions

January 21st 7:30 pm (410)

Peter Bond (Trumpet from the Met) Masterclass

January 22nd First day of classes

January 26th 7:00 pm Berkman

Faculty Recital (Snedecor and Friends)

January 28th 7:30 pm

Craig Taylor Masterclass (Trumpet and contractor for Ford’s Theatre in DC)

February 4th 7:30 pm (410)

Joe Burgstaller Masterclass (former Canadian Brass and Tpt. Prof, at Peabody)

February 11th Allen Library

Library Masterclass

February 13th @ 5:00 pm Wilde Auditorium

Steve Turre Masterclass (Saturday Night Live Trombonist)

February 15 & 16  HARTT AUDITION DAYS and

“Collage Concerts” in Lincoln, 7:30PM

March 1st 5:00 pm Berkman

Griffin Weber Graduate Recital

March 4th Time TBA

Gene Pokorny Masterclass (Tubist, Chicago Symphony Orchestra)

March 10th 5:00 pm Berkman

Jim McAloon Senior Recital

March 11th 7:30 pm (410)

Alan Dean Masterclass (former Summit and St. Louis Brass; Yale Tpt. Professor)

April 24th 7:30 pm Berkmen

Matt Suckling Graduate Trumpet Recital

May 9th Juries Times TBA